Catch the Vision

Here are some proven ways to generate even more letters to the president in support of life and unborn children.

  • Each citizen who is old enough to understand the issue can and should send their own letter.  This includes children.
  • You can make up a number of extra envelopes and take them to your neighbors, work associates, friends, family members and others.  The concept of the project is simple and most people will sign a letter.  Since people are busy, we suggest that you ask them to sign it right there and take the letter and mail it yourself.   You may want to ask people to give you money for the postage, which most people will be willing to do.
  • You can set up a table at appropriate events and locations with a supply of envelopes.  Ask people to sign them and contribute the money for the postage.
  • Youth groups can take them door to door or to the members of their church congregations or sponsoring group.
  • Send an email to your list encouraging people to come to this Web site and send their own letters.